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Re: PVA, Attn: Terry Belanger

On Sun, 23 Mar 1997, Terry Belanger wrote:
> Most experienced book conservators agree that removing PVA is
> difficult and--if used in direct contact with paper or indeed
> most of the other components of old books--almost impossible
> without doing significant damage to the original materials.
> Its use in direct contact with those original materials,
> especially where paste will do, is thus counter-indicated!

Mr. Belanger:

I'd like to ask some follow up questions to your recent posting.

What kind of "paste" do you mean?  If wheat paste, isn't it acidic?
And are pastes as flexible as pvas in the long run?

Thank you for your time,
Bookbinder and "experienced book conservator" wanna be.

        Terrence Collins                 collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Library Associate-Periodicals    zcat@xxxxxxxxxxx
        Gramley Library, Salem College   phone: 910-917-5423
        Winston-Salem, NC  27108         f a x: 910-917-5339

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