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Re: Tom Stoppard on crafting art

Have you seen the actual paintings?  Not to be snooty about it, but I
don't think the nifty glowing quality of his work comes through so
well in reproductions.

However, you're still entitled to your opinion.

Julie Seko

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, Lisa Cheung wrote:

> > And to say that modern art requires no skill, well, sure there is a lot of
> > bad stuff out there, but I don't see how anyone could say Klee, Rothko,
> > DeKooning, Clemente, Ditter Appelt, etc. lack skill.  In fact a lot of
> > modern and comporary art deal explicitly with the "crafting" of their
> > material makeup.
> Rothko a skilled artist?????  I've seen examples of his work and cannot
> believe that anyone would consider him an artist, much less a skilled one.
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