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what is modern art...?

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, Lisa Cheung wrote:

> I must confess that I have never cared for modern art.  Maybe it's because
> I don't understand it.  Perhaps someone can explain to me how paint
> spattered on a canvas at random or a larged stripe painted on a white
> background constitutes art.
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Well Lisa...maybe you'll never understand.  I took ten years of piano
lessons and still can't play very well.  Maybe its just something in us
that lets us `see.'

When I look at the works of (I assume these are the guys you spoke
of in your comment above) Pollack, Motherwell, deKooning (may he rest
in peace), etc., I see freedom and life and love...something we all
strive to discover in our own lives.  A few of us are lucky enough to
have found a way to describe it through painting (or modern art in general).

Good luck in your search.



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