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Re: Cute but stupid

Dave...all I can say is "a closed mind is an empty mind."

A kid in kindergarten could hardly approach art such as Picasso, Rothko,
or Gottlieb with the insight and genius as they do.  A kid does just
scribble or splatter paint.  A genius knows when to and why he does.

Again...a closed mind is an empty mind...

Good luck , Michel

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 patriot@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Right on, Lisa !!
> I have never cared for it either and I DON'T think this is from a lack of
> artistic appreciation or intellect, but rather from an abundance of good
> judgement.  Once, at the Guggenheim in NYC I saw what to my mind was the
> ultimate in the "conceit" of so-called modern art.  It consisted of a
> series of "panels", apparently stretched canvas, approximately 2" x 3",
> hung in the "portrait" orientation and each consisted of a single color,
> red, yellow, orange, etc.  There were about five or six of them, all just
> flat surfaces, no texture, brushstrokes or whatever.  I don't "think" I
> could have done that, I know damned well I could.  The conceit was in the
> probably enormous price being asked for them as a "piece" as I'm sure they
> must have been meant to be a "set".
> Abstraction taken to the extreme is merely the absurd.
> As to the two-year-old being able to "do it", I recall once walking through
> the gallery of the fine arts building when a student with a friend who had
> a kindergartener along.  They were hanging a "modern" exhibit and the head
> of the art department and the artist were "arranging" the exhibit.  The
> child looked around in wonder and remarked, "Gee, Daddy, I didn't know they
> had a kindergarten over here, too !".  The Head and the Artist were
> appalled, of course.  I thought it rather a persipicatious observation ! <g>
> David


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