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Re: PVA/Terry Belanger

Terrence Collins wrote:
>I'd like to ask some follow up questions to your recent posting.
>What kind of "paste" do you mean?  If wheat paste, isn't it acidic?
>And are pastes as flexible as pvas in the long run?

Wheat starch paste is not acidic, and it is the adhesive of choice in the
conservation and making of archival materials, books and artworks.
Wheatstarch paste is relatively flexible, and is usually present in a thin
layer which does not cause any problems to the flexibility of a book spine,
for example.

As Terry Belanger pointed out in his post, removing PVA is difficult to
impossible to remove
without doing significant damage to the original materials.  Weat starch
paste is easily reversable amd does not damage the original materials.

I hope this helps.

Kathy Hamre


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