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Re: Cute but stupid

At 02:38 PM 3/25/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Dave...all I can say is "a closed mind is an empty mind."

I couldn't agree more and to quote Lowell, "The foolish and the dead alone
never change their opinions."  But I would never agree that simply because
"George" or "Pablo" put a line on a canvas and called it "art" and then was
able to sell it for a great sum because of their reputation and the words
of art critics that it WAS art because that particular person had put it

>A kid in kindergarten could hardly approach art such as Picasso,
Rothko,>or Gottlieb with the insight and genius as they do.  A kid does
just>scribble or splatter paint.  A genius knows when to and why he does.

But "kids" of that age are notoriously "honest", when those who fear that
NOT to appreciate and oooooh and aaaaaah would bring their OWN judgement
into question are often not !

>Again...a closed mind is an empty mind...

Too true and the "conceit" that promulgates and perpetuates the cult of
most modern art is money based, not art based.  The conceit, of course, is
that because "so and so" splashed or splattered or whatever this particular
piece that makes it "art".  The problem lies I think with the finanacial
aspects of "modern art" and the "self-image" of the critic.  If a certain
thing is "in" at the moment, most of the critics and "appreciators" would
be MUCH too insecure to admit that it might just conceivably be mere crap
for fear their reputations or their judgement might be called to question.
And just THINK of the frustration of those who paid premium prices as
investments for art that was suddenly recognized as a farce !


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