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Re: Cute but stupid

At 08:33 AM 3/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Imaginatioin without skill gives us modern art.<
>If anything endangers the future of the book arts, it would be taking this
>as anything more than an outdated joke.
>There are people today who still say "my 2-year old can paint better than
>that," and who just don't get it -- they think "modern art" is not based on
>skill. I don't pity those individuals-- I just don't have time for them.
>And the main reason for this philistine attitude was ignorance. Most of the
>book establishment knew nothing of art. This is less true today, but then I
>only found one person who understood both bookbinding and art-- Polly
>Lada-Mocarski (who is now 94 and recovering from a broken hip). Many of the
>people on this list know what an inspiration and support Polly has been for
>contemporary bookbinding. If you want to read a story about how things were
>in 1975 it's at <http://minsky.com/birdstxt.htm>
>Beware of uptight reactionary bibliophiles, and the hacks who provide them
>with product for their collections. They will try to undermine anything
>beyond their comprehension in an effort to make their view more valuable.

<Richard, the 'you' below is my generic rant against 'modern art' not a
personal attack.>

Yep...  It's our fault that you fail to even attempt to communicate in a
common language.

How *easy* to take refuge by hurling epithets like 'ignorance' and

How reassuring it must be to have the wanna-be intellientsia and fellow
'artistses' tell you how wonderful and misunderstood you are....

Pheh....  If you chose to be obscure, complain not when people ignore you.
If you choose to speak your own language and fail to explain it, then do
not wonder that people regard it as gibberish.

If the artists fails to communicate then it's *HIS* failure, not that of
the audience.

But it's hard to accept failure.  Even harder to take the time to learn to
communicate.  Any wonder that so many 'artists' accept the lesser difficulty?

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