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Re: Tom Stoppard on crafting art

On Wed, 26 Mar 1997, Jeff Peachey wrote:

> Then I guess you are using a definition of art that I and most of the world
> do not understand.
> jeff peachey

Most of the world?  I doubt that very much.  I think most of the world
does understand and those who don't understand are blindly following the
few who lead.  Now, before anyone starts to send me blistering messages,
let me ask just one question.  Suppose an artist creates one or more
pieces of work which you feel are so lacking in any thought, creativity
and artistry that you decide (s)he is a terrible artist.  Suppose then
that several of the world's foremost art critics take one look and hail
this artist as a genius and the greatest artist of the century.  Would you
then have the nerve to stand up and openly disagree with them?



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