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Re: miniature books

There are at least two miniature book professionals on this list -- Pat
Baldwin and Tim Shepherd (with apologies to anyone who doesn't come to mind
just now).  If you wish, I can provide other names . . . binders who are
not on this list (Don Brady in FL; Mariana Blau in LA; Joe D'Ambrosio in
Phoenix; John Lariviere in Ottawa; Gizella Lathourakis in Seattle, et al).

If Tim and Pat aren't on this list, you can find them on the LETPRESS list.


At 10:09 AM 3/26/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I have been approached by a client to bind a miniature book.  I have made
>a couple of miniature books for myself, but not in production mode.  I
>have some questions and would love to connect with a miniature bookbinder
>willing to share information.  This might be on the List or off.
>My plan is to sew the textblock with a non-supportted link-stitch.  I am
>unsure whether crash is needed in a book this small.  It's alot of bulk
>under the endpaper and I know the book will not be used in the same way a
>full size volume will be but I am uncomfortable omitting the crash
>without some advice from a more experienced binder.
>Are there "standards" for binding codex miniature books?
>Artemis BonaDea
>North Bound Books
>Box 240768
>Anchorage, AK  99524

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