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Re: miniature books

In a message dated 97-03-26 20:52:01 EST, you write:

>  There are at least two miniature book professionals on this list -- Pat
>  Baldwin and Tim Shepherd (with apologies to anyone who doesn't come to
>  just now).  If you wish, I can provide other names . . . binders who are
>  not on this list (Don Brady in FL; Mariana Blau in LA; Joe D'Ambrosio in
>  Phoenix; John Lariviere in Ottawa; Gizella Lathourakis in Seattle, et al).

John and Gizella Lathourakis of Tabula Rasa Press do many, many miniature
books.  I used to rep for them while living in Seattle.   Their number is
(206) 682-5185.  They also do bookbinding, papermaking, printing, etc.  Nice
people too!   Very nice to work with.  They do beautiful work, I just had a
guest book made for a wedding present, turned out great!    Just my input,
but they're worth checking out, if anyone is near Seattle, WA.


Lorraine Hanson of
Galen Berry's MarbleArt
(503) 253-2131

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