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Re: Starch Pastes

Stephanie Watkins wrote:
>The starch pastes ARE acidic.  The level of acidity will vary with the
>source and processing and preparation.  It is for other qualities, some of
>which Kathy Hamre pointed out, that starch pastes are so well used,
>especially in the book and paper conservation fields.  Some professional
>conservators use only the most refined, precipitated, processed dry powder
>pastes to ensure the best quality; others even add alkalined water to
>off-set potential acidity from the paste.  I wonder if adding alkalinity
>does not undermine the strength of the adhesive bond (I don't know, just a
>gut feeling), although some will argue that the pastes are too strong for
>what we use them for anyway, so weakening them would be advantageous.

Thanks, Stephanie for point that out.  In Saskatchewan our water is
naturally very alkaline, so any paste I have made has not been acidic.  I
have found that some brands of wheat starch seem to be stickier than others,
so I adjust my recipe accordingly.  Most of the time I have found that my
paste is *just* strong enough to bond the materials together, but if it is
too sticky I change the proportions of starch to water.



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