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Re: best archival adhesive

Searching for answers,
      As one who is fairly new to bookmaking (going on 3 years now), I am
increasingly interested in using more archival materials.  The question and
answers regarding the best archival adhesive to use though still alude me.
 The other day someone said wheat paste was the answer. Then someone
countered and said wheat paste is acidic.  At last call, someone said that
methylcellulose was the only thing to use.
Is there anywhere I can confidently purchase a prepared archival adhesive or
must I mix my own and if so where do I get it and how do I prepare it?
 Please, either people seem to hedge on this issue or become annoyed at my
being "overly" concerned with this issue - is there no definitive answer on
this issue?   Thanks for any help you can give me, Debbie

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