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Re: Starch Pastes

At 10:12 PM 3/26/97 -0600, Kathy Hamre wrote:
In Saskatchewan our water is
>naturally very alkaline, so any paste I have made has not been acidic.  I
>have found that some brands of wheat starch seem to be stickier than others,
>so I adjust my recipe accordingly.  Most of the time I have found that my
>paste is *just* strong enough to bond the materials together, but if it is
>too sticky I change the proportions of starch to water.


I'm posting this to the entire list, because others might be interested in
your answer(s).

Your observation about the varied types and characteristics of pastes is
SOOO true!  I "was raised" on wheat starch pastes (both western and the
Japanese precipitated types), but know that book folks often use rice starch
pastes instead.  I found rice starch pastes to be so incredibly tacky, thick
and sticky no matter how I proportion the water or how I cooked or strained
the paste.  The few I played around with had totally different physical
characteristics than the wheat starch pastes I was familiar with.

What are the paste characteristics that you like to use or prefer when
working with books?  Do you have a preference for wheat or starch pastes and

Thanks in advance for your observations and opinions.  I'm looking forward
to reading them.


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