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Repair update

 A chat off-line in response to my posting to the list on the odd sewing
I discovered is worth sharing with the list.  Repairs as a topic can
cover a lot of ground, but the philosophy of repair, i.e. what is broken
and what constitutes a "fix" can change over time.
 Now, the repair I observed was done (judging by the kind of glue,etc.),
I would guess, about 1900 or so.  Obviously the person who did it
regarded the "broken" condition as loose pages, and the "fix" as getting
them attached again.  The consequence of disrupting the text did not
appear to him/her/it(?) as another kind of breakage.  As my friend
pointed out (without defending this particular "repair") we all make
repairs according to the prevailing philosophy of our day, using the
"best" materials we can find.  So will our preoccupation with acid-free,
reversible repairs be viewed as shoddy workmanship down the line?  Will
we be as severely judged for our "book felonies"?
  Well, sure. But I don't think anyone will accept that as a reason for
not repairing anything (though it might be reason for thinking hard as
to whether something is broken (beware the dreaded pretty book
syndrome!).  Anyway, I throw open the floor for comment.

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