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Re: Art, skill, communication, failure

>yes. i suppose i see the two sorts of communication differently. design
>must communicate clearly. in modern art, i think it is necessary for the
>viewer to be an active participant in the learning/reading of the piece. in
>design... take an annual report for example. in designing this, the
>objective is to facilitate communicating this information to the viewer. in
>a dekooning painting, this was not the objective. the information being
>conveyed is a concept, and it isn't necessary to convey this clearly. the
>viewer must think, participate, in order to understand the piece.

Yes, but commercial designers, and many of their clients, are so good at
stealing from modern art. I see countless advertisements on television and
in magazines which really do make one think -- getting 'the message' is not
automatic, rather the ads are more provoking of thought, even puzzling.
Admittedly this may be easier when one can flash on the screen a
recognizable logo, which definitely pushes that thinking in one way or
another. Recent ads from Nike & Levis, which show humans engaged in
different kinds of action and don't mention the product at all, except in a
logo at the end, come to mind. But there are many others. But I think as a
whole, our post-post-modern culture (oh no) is coming to think of
communication as something which is usually more complicated than what one
finds in most annual reports. And I think a lot of this realization is due
to the work of artists, although philosophers and cognitive scientists and
physicists and others have a good deal to do with it as well. And book
artists? Yes I think so, particularly if we go back to some of the ground
breaking work of avant-garde book artists early in this century -- but
certainly continuing through many book artists up to the present as well.

charles alexander

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