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Re: Art, skill, communication, failure

At 9:21 PM 3/27/97, Charles Alexander wrote:
>Yes, but commercial designers, and many of their clients, are so good at
>stealing from modern art. I see countless advertisements on television and
>in magazines which really do make one think -- getting 'the message' is not
>automatic, rather the ads are more provoking of thought, even puzzling.
>Admittedly this may be easier when one can flash on the screen a
>recognizable logo, which definitely pushes that thinking in one way or
>another. Recent ads from Nike & Levis, which show humans engaged in
>different kinds of action and don't mention the product at all, except in a
>logo at the end, come to mind. But there are many others. But I think as a
>whole, our post-post-modern culture (oh no) is coming to think of
>communication as something which is usually more complicated than what one
>finds in most annual reports. And I think a lot of this realization is due
>to the work of artists, although philosophers and cognitive scientists and
>physicists and others have a good deal to do with it as well. And book
>artists? Yes I think so, particularly if we go back to some of the ground
>breaking work of avant-garde book artists early in this century -- but
>certainly continuing through many book artists up to the present as well.

i think this trend in advertising is a good sign - giving the public a
little more beef to chew on so to speak. but there still is a pretty strong
and clear message in these (buy this and you too will have this life...).
yes, advertising is a lot more conceptual, and hence perhaps a bit more
like 'art' than is information design. i actually enjoy watching some of
these ads on tv - seems like they are getting much more creative and daring
in the area of photography, typography, etc.



"I don't think 'This is my party' is applicable anymore. The party's kind
of over. Now it's more like, 'This is my life,' 'This is my tribe.'"
                                                                - Nan Goldin

"Than so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time."
                                              - John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

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