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Re: Starch Pastes

>I have wonderful Hawaiian relatives that much prefer
>*very* sticky rice .. far to 'gooey' for my western-taste.  At a recent
>wedding, I tried a bit of their steamed-rice on a couple place cards ..
>wow! .. strong bond, and very quick-setting!

I've been skimming over the paste/glue/adhesive thread as not too relevent
to me... but now an epiphany. Being of chinese descent, I grew up on rice,
sticky and otherwise. For art projects, my mom would just take a scoop of
cooked rice (whatever kind was in the pot) and set it on the table. Mushing
a cooked grain of rice between two pieces of coloured paper was both
viscerally satisfying and stuck better than that molasses-coloured glue
they gave you in school. Who knew that part of my heritage would revisit me

Winston Pei

Black Riders Design

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 "I like to look at it, merely sit and look at it,take it all in without
moving an eye. It gives me more than rhymed poetry. It rhymes in my eyes.
   Here are Black Riders for me at last galloping across a blank page."

                          - Robert Carlton Brown
                             on his optical poem "Eyes on the Half-Shell"

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