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Re: methylcellulose

What temperature is the water you are using?
The instuctions i have used for mixing MC is to mix the powder into the
first part *hot* water, then when its dissolved add ice-water (it thickens
very quickly) stir well, and then place in the freezer for a few hours. It
comes out clear, with no granularity, but you still can't expect it to be
as tightly adhesive as a PVA.


>I've never had luck with methylcellulose - maybe I am mixing it wrong?  I
>stir a few drops of water into 2 tablespoons of M.C. to make a paste.
>Gradually sitr in more water until it is a liquidy paste - I know it will
>become thicker over time so don't add too much water.  The texture is very
>granular.  I brush it onto both sides of the paper I am using and press
>firmly down, but it never seems to adhere.  I have tried adding PVA glue but
>still to no avail.  Am I missing something?  Does the paper have to be wet
>in order for it to work? Although when I was trying to adher strips of HMP
>to an armature, I think I did try wetting the strips first and then brushing
>on the above described solutions.
>Thanks in advance,
>>I'd use methylcellulose. You can slather it and it dries ablolutely clear.
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