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Re: Starch Pastes

> I have a few probably silly questions:
> Do you store the paste in a refrigerator or is it left at room temp.?
> How long does it 'last' before degrading beyond use?
> Do you add any preservatives (apparently not, but it doesn't hurt to ask :)
> Is there a 'brand-name' starch you've found best?
> Ron Yost
> Paso Robles, CA

I have found the best starch paste (for me anyway) is the Jin Shofu Wheat
Starch from Bookmakers.  I just whip it up (with distilled water) in my Cook
`n' Stir.  It stays good for a couple of weeks in the thick stage.  Once
it's been thinned, I sort of judge by smell--five to seven days is about
the longest.  Store the batch in a cool dark place, but NOT the
refrigerator, as it tends to breaks down and seperate.

You can get a wheat paste from Archival Products they call Zen Paper
Paste that comes already mixed and ready to use.  It has thymol (so bugs
won't want to eat it) in it and I use it for repairs and adhesive
(affixing the University book plates in the Special Collection books,

Hope this info helps...and isn't just old news to everyone.


Michel Rogerson
UNL Libraries, Book Repair Specialist

        "...admits to being a life-long bibliophile...you know the
         type--perpetual late fees on the library card, reading ten
         books at once, and always trying to get you to read the one
         he just finished..."

Love Library Bindery
Lincoln, NE 86588-0410
(402) 472-2523
e-mail: michaelr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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