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Fw: Card Press

I printed some copper etchings last night on some newly cast paper that was
still damp.  Dampening  sharpens the image and allows the type or block to
press cleanly into what is otherwise very hard paper.  When using dry paper
in the past I have dipped every other sheet, interleaved with dry sheets
and then wrapped all in plastic wrapfor several hours to overnight.

Much nicer printing, really required on hand made papers.

Lee Cooper

> From: Jean Lee Cole <jusgrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: LETPRESS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Card Press
> Date: Thursday, March 27, 1997 1:54 PM
> About lino cuts on a "card press" Alan Brignull wrote,
> >Such a press would be good for smallish wood/linocuts but would be
> >by the
> >pressure it could give.
> I've been using my Kelsey card press, if it indeed is such a thing, to
> print lino blocks (made by Speedball, Paul, in case you were wondering--
> just under type high). Seems like the lino doesn't require as much
> as type, though it does take more ink to get good coverage. Wood blocks
> probably a different story, however.
> After reading all the intermittent discussions of paper dampening, I plan
> to try dampening the paper before printing lino blocks next time & see if
> the blacks come out better. Am I making a reasonable assumption in
> that dampening paper will help?
> Jean Lee Cole

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