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Re: best archival adhesive

When I first started binding we were instructed to add thymol to paste.
When the health concerns arose, I discontinued the practice.  However, in
the area in which I live thymol is a great benefit.  We have serious
insect problems and the thymol causes the paste to be less inviting to be
munched on by the roaches, silverfish, bookworms, etc.

In consultation with a graduate student in Pharmacy, I mentioned the
toxicity of thymol and he commented that thymol is an ingredient in mouth
wash.   Has been for years. He was surprised to hear that it was
considered toxic.  So, apparently, it is another of those decisions one
needs to think through -- which is more important, and what amount of
thymol are you using and what is its danger to you?

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC

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