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Re: Fw: Card Press

At 10:04 AM 3/31/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I printed some copper etchings last night on some newly cast paper that was
>still damp.  Dampening  sharpens the image and allows the type or block to
>press cleanly into what is otherwise very hard paper.  When using dry paper
>in the past I have dipped every other sheet, interleaved with dry sheets
>and then wrapped all in plastic wrapfor several hours to overnight.

An alternative method when registration or uniform image palcement on the
sheet is concerned, is to use interleaving of clean, wet newsprint, wet down
with a spray bottle as it is stacked between dry printing paper.  This way
all the printing paper will swell to uniform dimentions and moisture content.

When you interleave soaking wet, and then dry printing paper, the dry sheets
don't swell as much as the fully soaked sheets.  It won't effect the
printing quality much, but with large sheets the difference in dimention can
be as much as 1/4 of an inch and 1/2 in really large sheets.

The plastic wrapped block of paper is weighted lightly overnite.  I use a
standing press with a little pressure.  Avoid wrinkles and air pockets when

For Kelsey-sized work this may not be a big concern but will be a big help
if working in color.


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