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Re: Starch Pastes

I'm of Japanese descent, and my mother also gave us old cooked rice for
paste.  It sure is sticky but I could never get all the lumps out, which
gave a sculptural quality to my colored paper designs.  Being an
ungrateful child, I always wished we could have real paste-out-of-a-jar
like the other kids.

Julie Seko

On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, Winston Pei wrote:

> >I have wonderful Hawaiian relatives that much prefer
> >*very* sticky rice .. far to 'gooey' for my western-taste.  At a recent
> >wedding, I tried a bit of their steamed-rice on a couple place cards ..
> >wow! .. strong bond, and very quick-setting!
> I've been skimming over the paste/glue/adhesive thread as not too relevent
> to me... but now an epiphany. Being of chinese descent, I grew up on rice,
> sticky and otherwise. For art projects, my mom would just take a scoop of
> cooked rice (whatever kind was in the pot) and set it on the table. Mushing
> a cooked grain of rice between two pieces of coloured paper was both
> viscerally satisfying and stuck better than that molasses-coloured glue
> they gave you in school. Who knew that part of my heritage would revisit me
> professionally!
> Winston Pei
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