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Wexford Artists' Bok Festival

Since time is of the essence, I thought I would announce this to the whole list.
The 3rd Wexford Artists' Book Festival will take place 7 - 30 August at Wexford
Arts Centre in Ireland.  The Festival will comprise of some of the most
exciting contemporary artist's book makers currently involved in the medium
from around the world.  All books submitted should be robust ehough to take
a good handling, since all books will be handled.  There is a guarantee to
exhibit one of your books from a maximum of 4 books submitted.  After the
exhibition, the Wexford ARts Centre intends to tour the show to a number of
venues both in Ireland and abroad (they're
still looking for foreign venues). They hope for permission to retain the
book/s until the tour ends.
  A new feature this year is a special "editions" exhibition which will run
simultaneously with the main exhibition of one-of-a-kind books.  So if you
send two copies of any editioned book, they will be in that part of the
  There is also a new element in this year's exhibition.  There is the
opportunity this year for books to be purchased for the collection of the
Wexford Arts Centre.
Books will be covered by insurance as soon as they arrive at the Centre and
will be covered until they are returned to you.  But be sure to insure your
books in the shipment. A special catalog will be published and will be sent
to all participants.  Each artist is asked to send them a short written
piece (50 words) to answer the question: "Why do you make artists' books?"
plus sharp visual images that say "artists' book" are requested (black and
white, not more than 4 x 6 inches), to be included in the catalog.
   Deadline for confirmation to exhibit and written/visual piece to be sent
on or before 28 April 1997.
  Contract to exhibit: 30 May 1997.
  Books to arrive in Wexford by 7 July 1997.
  Exhibition Official Opening Friday 8 August 1997.
  Artist's Book Fair 9 August 1997.
  Post exhibition letter will be sent to you with your books.
  Return of books by 31 December 1997.

Please send books, visuals, etc. to Wexford Arts Centre, Artists' Book
Festival, Cornmarket, Wexford, Ireland.  Send books right away for
inclusion.  tel: 053-223764, 053-24544.

Judith A. Hoffberg
Judith A. Hoffberg
Umbrella/Umbrella Editions
P.O. Box 3640
Santa Monica, CA 90408

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