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Re: best archival adhesive

Hi Jane...this horse may be about beaten to death methinks, but it is the
duty of chemical companies ( sometimes!) and teachers and medical people to

warn us about hazardous chemicals in the things we come into contact with..
and that is their duty/responsibility. Once told, its then up to us to be
careful in our approach, right?

However, if you have a drinkie or two, smoke, drive a car that has a combustion
engine, eat supermarket veggies covered with insecticides & fungicides.......
and I wont even mention  what is in food animals' flesh..  then a few drops
of thymol in a pint o' paste shouldn't hurt you (unless you develop an
addiction for eating it every time you mix up a batch!!)

The purists would say not to put thymol OR oil of clove into your paste....
who knows what evil then lurks in the heart of the paste to become visible
100 years hence as the little molecules oxidize or react with air pollutants
we have not yet encountered?  And moisture makes those little beasties
migrate , leaving a telltale stain behind them!!  Augghhhhhh

And a bit o' luck to you in your endeavors.


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