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Re: Starch Pastes

  Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the email of the person who asked
  the composition of rice so I am sending this in response to another, but
  possibly equally appropriate message. According to the USDA's Nutritive
  Value of American Foods, a cup of hot cooked unenriched rice, which
  weighs 205 gms, contains 4.1 gms of protein, 0.2 gms of fat and 49.6 gms
  of carbohydrate, most of which is starch. Needless to say that leaves a
  lot of weight unaccounted for, which of course is the water it absorbs
  during cooking. If you would like to know the actual components of the
  carbohydrate portion in more detail, I could probably find that
  information but it would take a while. Suffice it to say, it's mostly
  starch (or water)! Although we in the U.S., at least those who buy our
  rice in regular supermarkets, are mostly buying enriched rice, this won't
  affect the starch content much at all.  All bets are off with Rice-a
  roni, though!

  Sydne Carlson-Newberry

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