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Re: Fw: Card Press

>An alternative method when registration or uniform image palcement on the
>sheet is concerned, is to use interleaving of clean, wet newsprint, wet down
>with a spray bottle as it is stacked between dry printing paper.

I would advise against using newsprint for this. You will get migration of acid into your printing paper from the newsprint. If you have a set of "archivist" pH testing pens you can test this yourself. Test the pH of your printing paper. Place wet newsprint against it for a few minutes (or for as long as you would in normal working). Retest your printing paper. I'm no chemist, so perhaps an expert on the list could give details, but I believe the lignins in the unprocessed wood pulp of newsprint are water soluble and will migrate to the adjacent sheet.

Better to use acid-free, or perhaps buffered paper like Permalife.


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