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Re: Fw: Card Press

At 05:03 PM 3/31/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>An alternative method when registration or uniform image palcement on the
>>sheet is concerned, is to use interleaving of clean, wet newsprint, wet down
>>with a spray bottle as it is stacked between dry printing paper.
>I would advise against using newsprint for this. You will get migration of
acid into your printing paper from the newsprint. If you have a set of
"archivist" pH testing pens you can test this yourself. Test the pH of your
printing paper. Place wet newsprint against it for a few minutes (or for as
long as you would in normal working). Retest your printing paper. I'm no
chemist, so perhaps an expert on the list

I'm not an expert or a chemist either, but I think contact between the wet
newsprint and the paper you are going to print on for a relatively short
time would not cause the paper to become structurally acidic, particularly
if your paper has high pH and alkaline reserve. The surface of the paper
might test acidic for a while after contact, but over time the alkaline
reserve in your printing paper will tend to neutralize the small amount of
acid that may have migrated. I would recommend testing at intervals over a
period of time to see what happens.

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