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Re: John Neal Bookseller

Dear Dave & JNB

I tried this address:   http://www.calligraphgycentere.com/jneal.html
with no look. The spelling looks a little screwy, but I tried to change it
in a couple of ways, still with no luck.


At 11:16 AM 4/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello to all!!
>This is just a little post to let everyone know that John Neal Bookseller is
>now on the World Wide Web.  Some of the pages are still under construction,
>but we do have a link that will connect you to this mailbox.  The address is
>http://www.calligraphgycentere.com/jneal.html  (this is only a temporary
>address with limited functions)  Hope to hear from you with your comments!!!
>Dave and JNB
charles alexander / chax press / chax@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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