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Re: Starch , Flour Pastes & Preservatives

Kathy in Saskatchewan Canada replied 27 Mar at 16:43:

>My recollection is that the regular flour in GB is self raising/rising and
>therefor probably containing baking soda or baking powder.

You are correct the UK self-raising flour contains the baking soda, which is
why I only use the plain flour!   However reading the recent messages perhaps I
shall look more carefully for starches.

>>I also use 'Stadex', a cold water starch paste, but again I generally prepare
>>it with calcium hydroxide solution.
>I'm not familiar with this.

'Stadex WS503' is a blended cereal starch used as a cold water adhesive for
heavy weight bonding and is pH neutral.   I have purchased it from Picreator
Enterprises Ltd in Hendon, London, T: 0181 202 8972, F:0181 202 3435

On the subject of preservatives in the paste I have used a few drops of 'BP
Formaldehyde Solution' in about two cupfuls of paste.   This seems to keep my
paste for weeks at cool room temperatures.   My chemical catalogue, admittedly
10 y old, shows 'thymol' as harmful and 'iso-thymol' as toxic.   I have also
had suggested by a UK bookbinder that the chemical 'centrimide' (I am not sure
if this is trade name or the proper name) can also be used for a fungicidal
action -  it's found as the active constituent in, for example, the antiseptic

Rodney Fry
Berks., UK

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