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Re: jobs/internships?

Hello, Catherine May,

I can't quite believe it, but from your description I know it's you.  It's
me - Laura - from BookLab.  How are you?  I am still in school at UT,
hoping to finish up my coursework by this December and then begin a 7month
internship in May of next year, site yet to be determined.

But anyway - I hope you and Scott are well.  I loved your Christmas cards
this past holiday - I wondered if you had printed them.  They were quite

But on to your question - good sources I have found thus far for job
postings etc. have been the Guild of Bookworkers newsletter & AIC
newsletter - both of which you get when you become a member which can be a
bit pricey.  There is a conservation list serv which is great - though it
is conservation in general, meaning paintings, objects, books etc.  It is
called CoOL - which stands for "conservation on-line".  They have a website
as well as a list serv.  I believe the address for requesting to be added
to their list serv is "consdist-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

Well, I'm sure you'll receive lots of useful and helpful information to
your request.  I hope your search goes well, and I'd love to hear from you.

Oh hey, I wonder, have you heard about the bluegrass festival this coming
weekend in Round Rock?  Are you going?  Jay and I and some friends will be
there - it sounds like such a great couple of days!  Too bad about the
rain, but it won't dampen our spirits or the music!!

Take care,
Laura Larkin (formerly Wilson)

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