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Costa Rica HMP -Reply

Colette, if you like warm climates you ought to try South Africa
one day  & , amongst other activities of course, you can buy &
examine hand made paper -  made from elephant dung!
Alternatively I could send you a sample but compared to a trip
that would be less than exciting - & you'd remain cold.

Alan Feinstein

>>> vosberg <vosberg@xxxxxxxxxxx> 3/April/1997 02:58am
I received a little brochure in the mail the other day from a
store that specializes in Hand Made Papers.  One of the papers
that they carry, comes from Costa Rica made from Banana
leaves.  I am
assuming it is something similar to Abaca (Manila Hemp).
Does anyone know
anything about it - who makes it, whether the whole process is
by hand or
hollander beaten, etc.

I am dreaming of going to those parts one day and might pay a
Especially after the cruel April Fools joke Mother Nature played
on us -
just when we thought Spring was nearly upon us!

Envious of  those who live in warm climates,

New Brunswick, Canada
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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