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Re: Banana paper

Pat & others,
     My 80 yr. old mother just returned from trekking the rain forest in
Costa Rica and brought me back to large sheets of banana paper.  The pieces
she brought back for me are very thick, stiff and grainy, almost like finely
ground and compressed hay.  I imagine they must make a finer banana paper.
 What I have could be used for book covers but certainly could not be used as
text pages in a book.
    Pat, may I use this opportunity to ask how I acquire a summer class
schedule from you and your bindery in Bisbee AZ?
You eluded to a class schedule a while ago.  I have tried to find a couple of
your web sites and my computer doesn't seem capable of getting me there.  I
live in Tucson and would love to hear more of what you are doing both for
individual and group instruction.  Hope to hear from you!
    Has anyone heard of the paper that they are making from elephant dung, I
believe in Africa?  This particular paper industry, apparently has been a
tremendous "boon" to the problem with what to do with the over-abundance of
elephant dung in that country. I believe I am remembering these facts
correctly. Hope this is of some interest!  Sedgwick1  (Debbie)

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