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Re: jobs/internships?

At 8:10 PM 4/2/97, Laura Wilson Larkin wrote:
>Hello, Catherine May,
>I can't quite believe it, but from your description I know it's you.  It's
>me - Laura - from BookLab.  How are you?  I am still in school at UT,
>hoping to finish up my coursework by this December and then begin a 7month
>internship in May of next year, site yet to be determined.
>Oh hey, I wonder, have you heard about the bluegrass festival this coming
>weekend in Round Rock?  Are you going?  Jay and I and some friends will be
>there - it sounds like such a great couple of days!  Too bad about the
>rain, but it won't dampen our spirits or the music!!

seems to be a small austin contingency on this list.... do they still have
internships at booklab? i studied graphic design at ut (finished last year)
and now have a fellowship at ut press in design and production. needless to
say, my term here is up at the end of may so i'm looking for something to
do before heading back to grad school.

and it is too bad about the rain - will it ever stop???? does the blugrass
fest. go through sunday? at least they're saying things'll clear up by



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