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Re: Arizona Workshops

Hello all...I am in the market to but a large book press.

I am looking for something with a width in the 16" to 24" range with 12"
to 20" of sunlight when open all the way.

If you have something that might interest me, let me know.  I have money
to spend and need to get a decision made in the next week or so.

Please respond quickly...

Thanks, Michel

p.s...anyone have a used Planex (sp?) double fan adhesive contraption for
sale??  Let me know as well.


Michel Rogerson
UNL Libraries, Book Repair Specialist

        "...admits to being a life-long bibliophile...you know the
         type--perpetual late fees on the library card, reading ten
         books at once, and always trying to get you to read the one
         he just finished..."

Love Library Bindery
Lincoln, NE 86588-0410
(402) 472-2523
e-mail: michaelr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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