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Re: Banana paper

Hi Debbie and other book lovers,

You wrote:
>     My 80 yr. old mother just returned from trekking the rain forest
<snip> large sheets of banana paper <snip> very thick, stiff and grainy,
almost like finely ground and compressed hay.  I imagine they must make a
finer banana paper.
>    Has anyone heard of the paper that they are making from elephant dung, I
>believe in Africa?  This particular paper industry, apparently has been a
>tremendous "boon" to the problem with what to do with the over-abundance of
>elephant dung in that country. I believe I am remembering these facts
>correctly. Hope this is of some interest!

I spent some time in Africa/South Africa in 1994/95.  The only place I saw
elephant/rhino dung paper was in South Africa, and then I saw only a few
greeting cards made from it.  I make handmade paper and I am quite sure that
what I saw was mixed with cotton,  it could not be only elephant dung.  I
have a card made from it that I bought there.  I did not see any large
quantities of it being sold in any of the shops I went into, but I wasn't
able to find any art supply stores where I was traveling - mainly out in the
country.  I would be interested if anyone knows about this too.

I an in the middle of doing an edition book bout my travels and some dung
paper would be a nice addition to the book.

Kathy in Saskatchewan, Canada


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