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Re: Arizona Workshops

Pat wrote:
>Debbie and anyone else too:
couldn't you make paper out of any animal poop? Well, vegetarian animals anyway.

Pat, when the elephant eats the stuff s/he eats comes out the other end
with very little change from how it looked when it went in the mouth.
Elephants have very inefficient digestive systems, unlike cattle, which have
very efficient digestive systems (4 stomachs and all).  I would not hesitate
to pick up a day old elephant turd, but I wouldn't tough a day old cow pie
with a ten foot pole, if you get my drift!

So all the elephant has done is a bit of the chopping and cooking for you.
But the dung looks like a pile of slightly rotted straw, unless s/he has an
upset tummy.

Kath in Saskatchewan.


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