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Re: apprenticeship

Ohhhhh Pat,
     If I were the only one I was responsible for at this point in time, I'd
be at your door with my suitcase.  I have one 17 year old at home and a
husband that is kind of fond of having me around but that may be a dream I
tuck away.  Were you actually serious?  What kind of work comes to your
bindery and what kinds of things would you have a beginning apprentice do?  I
guess those are major  and complicated questions to answer but I am very
curious.  Do you do restoration of rare books or binding for small presses?
 Hope those aren't naive questions.
Here is a possibly more naive question.  Do you pay your apprentices or do
they pay you for the experience?  Well, inquiring minds do want to know.
 Anyway, I understand if you don't have time to answer all of the above but I
still would love a schedule of classes or any info. about your bindery.
Much thanks, Debbie Y.

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