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Re: a ? Re: Starch Pastes

I used potato starch, ONCE! From what I remember I used the same
proportions as for wheat starch/flour. I also made it up the way I had
originally learned, mix up with a little cold water, enough to make a
slurry, then add the balance in BOILING water, stirring as you go. To make
this short, I ended up with a paste ball, it even bounced. Have no idea
what I did wrong, but also didn't try again...


At 08:02 AM 4/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>dear book people -
>does anyone here have information on using potato starch?  the local asian
>market carries several brands (different labels) of potato starch, and i have
>wondered if it is good for paste.  i make mostly non-adhesive books, so my
>main interest in the info is for making paste paper.  however, this thread
>has been so instructional, tell me any paste uses you know.
>thanks muchly,
>little rock, arkansas, usa

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