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Re: Banana paper -Reply

I listen to public radio all day while working -- NPR BBC CBC -- and
have heard a long interview with Michael Bugara and this isn't as silly
as it sounds; he is working on the theory that realistic plans to protect
elephant populations need to present a economically rewarding alternative
to poaching them for ivory, and from his discussion of how he did it, it
sounded like it might be very reasonable paper as well. If I remember
right, after washing and boiling the fiber, he did beat it as
well, and formed the sheets in what sounded like a standard European
vat/mould/deckle kind of way. Unfortuantely I don't remember which of the
above services I heard the story on...probably either CBC or BBC; they
tend to go into stories in more depth than NPR as well as ranging further

 On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Dean Creighton wrote:

> > I an in the middle of doing an edition book bout my travels and
> > some dung
> > paper would be a nice addition to the book.
> >
> > Kathy in Saskatchewan, Canada
> I picked up this from News Quirks by Roland Sweet:
>         Kenyan conservationist Mike Bugara announced he has figured out
>         how to make paper out of elephant dung.  He collects the
>         droppings, boils them until they are the consistency of oatmeal,
>         then rolls them out into sheets and lets them dry in the sun.
> You might try contacting Mike Bugara, but he is probably out working in
> his chosen field.
> Dean Creighton

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