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banana paper leads

Forgive if this is redundant already...
[got these from a metacrawler search using 'banana paper']

Much more info about banana paper available at:

1.) http://home.earthlink.net/~gsmarada/banana.htm

What is Banana Paper?
Banana Paper is paper made from a mixture of the fiber of banana stems and
paper. Each ton of banana paper saves 20 mature trees from being cut down.

What is it used for?
Anything! Banana Paper can be used anywhere paper is used. Some Examples
Notebooks. Stationery, Copy Machine Paper, Business Cards, and Christmas Cards.


     - AND -

2.) http://www.ecomall.com/business/banna.htm

FyBX S t a t i o n

Welcome to the FyBX Station! In this station you will find new innovative
made from FyBX Corporation's natural fibres. FyBX is the premier
manufacturer of
natural fibres from banana, pineapple, palm and coconut. These natural
fibres can be
used in a variety of industries, including paper products, building
materials, arts and
crafts and insulation.

Periodically, we will update you on the advances of the natural fibre
industry and
any new FyBX developments. FyBX is pleased to be a part of the ever expanding
internet, and will continue to improve its site.. In the future we hope to
bring you
footage of our unique fibre production and introduce new products made from the
natural fibres that we produce. Our first product is banana fibre paper,
distributed by
our subsidiary, AE Natural New Orleans Paper Company.

We are sure you will find this product a unique, cost effective, alternative to
conventional recycled and virgin wood paper. As FyBX researches and develops
products, it will be able to design for selected customers exclusive papers
using a
variety of waste materials and natural dyes. All that is required of the
customer is
his imagination! Thank you for visiting our site, and if you need any
regarding FyBX Corporation's fibres, or AE Natural's banana paper products
e-mail, call or fax us at the numbers below and we will be happy to send you

 AE Natural
 New Orleans Paper Company
 Banana Paper Products

What is banana paper?

Pinzote, the stalk of the banana tree, was, in the past, discarded into
rivers where it
oxidized, causing environmental damage. Now the pinzote is used to make banana
fibre paper. By using one ton of banana fibre paper, an estimated 17 trees
are saved.
Imagine, writing or drawing on a banana. Better yet, imagine putting a
banana in an
envelope or instead of giving someone a business card, giving someone a banana.
Ok, enough imagining. Your imagination has become reality because of AE
Natural -  New Orleans Paper Company. AE Natural is pleased to introduce
banana fibre paper,
a viable, unique and attractive alternative to conventional paper that is
perfect for businesses, students and everybody. Notebooks (legal and
letter), note
pads, sketch books, envelopes, stationery, business cards, posters - you
name it, and
AE Natural can supply it (all acid free and made from banana fibre and post
consumer waste).

Available images: frog, tarsier, wall gecko, lizard, iguana, parrot, fish
and many
more. Customized orders available for school, organizations and corporations.

For catalog and more information please call
fax 504.566.7185


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