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Re: AZ weather

>I hope I'm doing this correctly and writing to Pat in AZ.  I collect alphabet
>books and once saw someone with a great Arizona t-shirt with "AZ".  If you
>know of any sold through a book arts , calligraphy or even ;tourist area
>could you send address .  Thanks in advance.   Lynne in Washington.
>  Heimre@xxxxxxx

I'm not sure whether you are asking just for tee shirts, or alphabet
books too.

I do two books in miniature that you might like: the Silver Penny ABC
- a facsimile of a rare illustrated chapbook (leather-bound and
silk-bound editions), and Flower Talk - an A-Z of the Victorian
language of flowers, including their meanings. The latter is a
concertina book. Both of these are no larger than a postage stamp, and
are hand-coloured. Details in the catalogue on my web pages.


Tim Sheppard                   tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lilliput Press  -   Publisher of fine books in miniature
England                        http://www.lilliput.co.uk

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