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ZYX : An Exhibition...

The Bienes Center for the Literary Arts at Broward County Library,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is pleased to announce the opening of:

             ZYX : an Exhibition of Selected ABC Books
                 from the Jean Trebbi Collection
                        April 3-May 19, 1997

ZYX, the fourth in the inaugural exhibition and program series of the
Bienes Center for the Literary Arts, brings to the public's attention
an area of book collecting that is seldom seen and infrequently
appreciated: alphabet books.

The sixty-six titles in the exhibition illustrate a small yet
representative portion of the Jean Trebbi ABC book collection.  It
begins by briefly exploring the history of the alphabet, moves on to
children's ABC books, shifts to alphabet books for adults, and
concludes with pop-up and movable titles.

PRONUNCIATION, in which the illustration for the letter "P" begins
with "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;" ALPHABETUM
ROMANUM by Felice Feliciano, a facsimile from the Vatical Library of a
1460 manuscript with drawings and precise instructions for
reproducing the letters as inscriptions on buildings or public
momuments; ALCOHOL ABC'S, in which N is for Nicotine; ALPHABETA
CONCERTINA, a double-sided accordion-style book without words; and
HOCKNEY'S ALPHABET, created to benefit an AIDS charity, with
illustration by David Hockney and other contemporary artists.

A 30-page exhibition catalog is available upon request.  The
exhibition may also be viewed at: http://www.co.broward.fl.us/bienes.

James A. Findlay
The Bienes Center for the Literary Arts
The Dianne and Michael Bienes
  Special Collections and Rare Book Library     _______
Broward County Library                         /______/(
100 S. Andrews Ave.                           (_______(
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301                     (________(

954-357-8692 (phone)
954-357-7291 (Fax)

JFindlay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (e-mail)


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