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Re: Artists' books in the library (fwd)

>What I would like to know is how all you book artists out there feel about
>this? How do you feel about your books being collected by a library? How
>do you feel about a patron being able to request your book, be able to sit
>down with it, read it as perhaps it was intended to be read (rather than
>through glass... a page a day...). Also, how do you feel about the idea
>that these books will never go anywhere? They would not travel for
>exhibits (although libraries generally do their own exhibits).

I think it's a wonderful idea. Collect them, let people handle them, albeit
with care. If you do this, I don't care if they never go anywhere --
although I don't see why you still couldn't lend them on request -- but I'd
leave that up to you.

>There are alot of special collections in
>libraries right now that contain artists' books and perhaps your books are
>in a special collections somewhere. Another problem that I see is that
>while librarians are great at handling collected materials, when you say
>artists' books to them, they think you are talking about book arts, which
>is a whole different thing.

I disagree with this. I think that artists' books are a kind of book arts
(I know -- this list has been through this discussion before), rather than
a "whole different thing." What I find most librarians, and museum
directors and curators, and other people in the arts at large, think when
you say "artists' books" or "book arts" -- is *livres d'artiste* -- which
to me are more complicated in their relationship to both artists' books and
book arts than the latter two are to each other. Just that in many cases in
the *livres d'artiste* the artist actually had nothing to do with the
making of the book -- although not in all cases.


ps -- I know this is not the place to talk about the recent death of poet
Allen Ginsberg, but I also know that many in the book arts had contact with
Ginsberg, either through limited edition books or just having had some
impact from him, as he was one of the most prominent artists of our time.
If you search Allen Ginsberg on Yahoo you will find a nice collection of
sites with recent news as well as biographies, selections from the poems,
and more.
charles alexander / chax press / chax@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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