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Re: Artists' books in the library (fwd)

  I've decided to respond via the listserv rather than to your email
  address because I think this is a topic in which others might be
  interested. I am an occasional marbler and former library worker and am
  just generally interested in artists' books and I absolutely agree with
  you.  I believe, though, that these books, especially new ones, need to
  be displayed somehow (rather than going into the type of closed stacks to
  which most of us are accustomed) so that visitors to libraries become
  aware of their existence. It is as if what is needed is a kind of cross
  between a library and a museum. For the past few years, I have visited
  the book arts exhibits at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and
  although the exhibits are wonderful, it's been extremely frustrating not
  to be able to turn the pages when there are pages to turn!
  Sydne Carlson-Newberry

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