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Re: 10,000th Visitor

Hey, Pete! Don't be a Windows bigot! Ask a Mac user how to capture that
image, don't just plead ignorance!

Here's how: Just click and hold the button on the image; the browser will
give you the option to save the image. Of course, Peter didn't say if he
wants us to send the image as an attachment or insert to our e-mail (how
DO you want to receive it, Peter?), so I guess we're all on our own... 8-)

Actually, I think a round of applause and congratulations are in order to
Peter for having a page that has been so well visited, as well as running
one of the more useful and politely scatalogical lists around!!

Dennis Moser

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

> The 10,000 visitor will be coming to the Book Arts Web in a day or so, and
> I wanted to offer that individual a prize. So what does one have to do.
> It's easy, from Windows, right click on the counter and select view image.
> This will bring up just that image of the counter. Email it to me at
> pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx as an attachment. If it says 10,000 I'll send you a
> prize. Of course, please send me your snailmail address.
> Another way to get it to me is to save the image of the counter by
> right-clicking on it and giving it  the name: counter.gif
> Send it to my address as an attachment from your regular email. Mac folks
> are on their own as to how to do this.
> Good luck,
> Peter
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