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Re: Artists' books in the library (fwd)

I agree with Sydne.  What attracts me to books is the art is not one page or
two-dimensional.  The third dimension and relationship of cover and pages is
the essence of the impact and attraction of books for me.  These wonderful
books become paintings in a case when they can't be opened and closed.
 Sandra Kroupa who "runs" the Special Collection of rare and artist books at
the University of Washington does a great job of protecting the acquisitions
and making them available to the public or students by appointment.  Many of
the local shows provide gloves for handling.  Unfortunately, too often I've
seen poor supervision of exhibits when guests handle books without gloves.
 In that case, I'm a busybody and notify the person tending the exhibit.
The other idea of cataloging items for library users would be great.  How
about on-line cataloging so we could look up the artist:  biographical
information,  works and location, etc.?    Lynne

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