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With all the discussion about banana paper I lost track of who asked about
safely bleaching the fiber.  I have been growing banana plants for about ten
years to harvest and make into paper.  The fiber  is easily bleached after
cooking in soda ash by rinsing and then spraying the pulp with a hard jet of
water until the pulp lightens.  This method works beautifully with the flax I
cook and ferment in lime.
Also someone asked about banana paper being rough.  If it is cooked properly
and beaten well you can make thin, smooth sheets that will go through a laser
printer.  Another way to lighten the fiber if you have a lot of water is to
rinse between beatings. of the fiber.
For the person who asked about different Iris fibers, please contact me to
share some info.  I have used about 7 different species including evergreen

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