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Re: Bookbinding in Chicago

Dear Bookpeople -

I saved the message below from a few weeks ago, but my husband and I will be
in Chicago in early May for the National Art Materials Trade Association (we
work at [and are buying yippee] an art supply store) and want to visit other
Chicago sights, especially China town.  I want to buy paper - in particular,
'wish' paper a.k.a. 'money' paper a.k.a. 'prayer' paper.  Any help?

>You should definitely check out Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and
>Paper Arts at 218 S. Wabash in Chicago (tel: 312 431 8612) and there is the
>Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection at the Flaxman Library of the School of
>the Art Institute of Chicago at 37 South Wabash (just a block from Columbia)
>(Tel: 312 4434 3700) Call to make sure both will be open when you plan to

By the way, elephant poodung paper is fairly easy to get.  E-mail me if you
are interested.

Thanks muchly -

Little Rock, Arkansas

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