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paste paper tools and ideas

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Joyce Jenkins,
(also on the list)  visiting from Petersburg, Alaksa.  As always we
talked books and paper and got into a discussion about cool paste paper
tools (is there any other kind?).  She suggested that we start a paste
paper thread on this list - so here it is.

Cool Tools:  what's the coolest tool you've found or made to create the
most fabulous patterns or textures on paste paper?

My first entry is *very* simple: large patterning combs made out of
rubber weatherstripping.

The weatherstripping is made to stick to the bottom of doors and windows
to keep out drafts and available in hardware stores.  Mine is a 36" strip
of brown vinyl with a strip of self-adhesive on to to attach to the door
or window.  Using an x-acto knife, I cut teeth at whatever size
and interval I want, then use the self-adhesive strip to stick it onto a
piece of thin flat wood (I used moulding from the lumber yard).

My first paste paper instructor had similar combs made out of plexiglass
which were wonderful but expensive.  These weatherstripping combs work
like a charm, covers a wide area and aren't terribly expensive.

ROLLING CUTTERS:  Kitchen stores seem to be a wonderful place to find
paste paper tools.  One in particular that I've used but haven't been
able to find is a rolling cookie cutter.  It looks like a brayer with
raised designs on the roller.  The designs are intertwined so that when
the roller rolls across the dough, a series of differently shaped cookies
are impressed.  By rolling over paste in a random pattern, wonderful
designs are achieved.  I've seen these rollers as interlocking stars or

Has anyone seen rollers like this?  If you can help, please post me.

So, any more ideas out there?  Remember, often the most exciting idea is
one shared by a friend.

Artemis BonaDea

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